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I think, therefore I am not a Christian.


I would rather err with the majority than in my own way. So thought St. Augustine. I am just the opposite.


My skepticism keeps me from becoming a fanatic, which is something no faith has ever achieved.


I am most susceptible to doubt. I doubt everything, even my doubt. I believe little and even that not entirely. Skepticism for me is not one of the "fine arts" but a part of my existence.


Rather to die in absolute doubt than to die in euphoria at the price of a lie.


All through life I've gotten into trouble which I had been able to foresee, and the more astute I became, all the more difficult became my situation, as if there were a connection here.


There is much I admire between heaven and earth, but I admire nothing less than the miracle of religion.


I can bear the mysteries of the world, not the explanations.


Karlheinz Deschner


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